halter (Plural: Halters)

  1. A device of rope, straps etc, placed on the head of animal such as a horse to control it.
  2. A woman"s garment covering the upper chest, a halter top.

6 letters in word "halter": A E H L R T.

Anagrams of halter:

Words found within halter:

ae ah al ale alert alt alter ar are aret arle art artel at ate ea ear earl earth eat eath eh el elt er era et eta eth ethal ha hae haet hale haler halt hare harl hart hat hate hater he heal hear heart heat her herl het la laer lah lar lare lat late later lath lathe lea lear leat lehr let rah rale rat rate ratel rath rathe re real reh ret rhea ta tae tael tahr tale taler tar tare te tea teal tear tehr tel tela thae thar the thrae